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Secrets to Grow Your Article Marketing

Date Added: August 13, 2009 08:42:55 AM
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Secrets to Grow Your Article Marketing

Author: Aakash Shah

Article marketing or the process of distributing short, keyword-rich, and informative articles remains to the most used internet marketing tool in the online arena today. Marketers and ebusiness owners simply love it because it is inexpensive and it delivers!

Here's how you can grow your article marketing:

1. Write and distribute more articles. As they say, article marketing is a game of numbers. If you want more exposure, more inbound links, and higher page ranking, you must strive to submit 5-10 articles per day. I know this sounds very time-consuming and overwhelming but you can make it much easier and manageable if you keep your articles short, focused on topics that you know very well, and extend your writing hours. You can outsource your article writing work to expert freelance writers at? http://www.contentwriter.info

2. Do not sacrifice the quality of your articles. Some marketers are focusing too much of their attention in boosting the number of their copies that they sometimes forget that the most important element of article marketing is the quality of the content. You see, no matter how many your articles are, if they are not able to help you project credibility and expertise, you will not be able to get people to do business with you. So, make sure that every article you post is informative, well-written, and useful to the lives of your readers.

3. Talk about your offerings. Although blatant ads are no-no in article marketing, you can still subtly pitch in your products and services through your content. How? By creating a need for them and highlighting their benefits without sounding too pushy. Let me give you an example. If you are selling SEO coaching programs, you can talk about the basic of SEO, how it can help marketers pull up their search engine ranking, and why they need it in growing their ebusiness.

4. Maximize your resource box. Depending on the rules of publishing sites, you can post 1-3 hyperlinks on your author box. Make sure that you take advantage of this so you can increase your chances of getting your readers to visit your website. So as not to look very desperate, make sure that you use only one absolute URL and use at least 2 anchor texts.

5. Post your articles on articlesbase.com. There are so many publishing sites in the internet today but articlesbase.com is the best. Needless to say, posting your articles on this site can help you give your copies the kind of exposure they need.

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