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How To Build A List Fast In 5 Simple Steps

Date Added: August 13, 2009 08:42:54 AM
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How To Build A List Fast In 5 Simple Steps

Author: Jeremy Gislason

Want to know how to build a list fast? Then read this article to learn 5 ways to explode your list in no time flat.

For some marketers though, it takes a lot of time and patience to build a huge list of subscribers. Thatís because some strategies employed in their list building process do not just simply work right there and then.

Article submission to article directories is an excellent example of this. Sometimes it will take you weeks, or even months, before your articles can get sufficient exposure to promote your sites or squeeze pages. However, other methods do exist in order to help you build a list fast for your business.

Below are five ways on how to build your list more quickly than the previously mentioned example.

Fast List Building Step # 1: Ad Swapping

You can search for other internet marketers that belong in your niche, or the complementary internet marketers who possess about the same size of list as yours.

Upon agreement, you will send their ad to your list, and they will send your ad to their list. Itís that simple.

As a result of this ad swapping, you will have greater chances to double or sometimes triple your subscribers and buyers. It will also greatly increase your chance at luring people into your own list.

Fast List-Building Step # 2: Giveaways

It is a very effective method where you submit your gift contribution to the giveaway coordinator. All contributors must promote and help each other in building a list. Before getting a contributorís gift, the receiver must opt-in to their squeeze page.

You can also encourage people to distribute your giveaways around, so that you can reach many prospective buyers and customers at the same time.

When you employ giveaways as part of your internet marketing strategy, you are actually raising the marketing efforts of all the marketing participants. This, in turn, will give you higher chances at building a list more quickly.

Fast List-Building Step # 3: Press Releases

Employing this powerful tool is much faster than article directory submissions although both strategies are excellent in building your list. The only difference they have is time.

Press releases, when it falls into the hands of owners of websites and web based magazine editors, reaches a significant number of prospects by making your opt-in program a buzz in the news world.

Fast List-Building Step # 4: Participating in Forums

You can build your list fast when you actively participate in forums that are in the same niche as yours.

You can answer peopleís questions and problems by giving them useful information and advice; this way, you can promote your site in your signature file. This is also popularly known as forum posting.

You can build your list fast by encouraging people to click your opt-in link and get many prospective clients.

A word of warning: Read the forum rules and check first if other forum posters are posting links in their signature file. Some forums prohibit any type of marketing or advertising (even if itís very subtle), so itís not worth your effort to post in them.

Fast List-Building Step # 5: Social Marketing

Another reliable method to build a list fast is through social marketing. It is a very common strategy employed by many Internet marketers.

This strategy will get you in front of the people who would want to have a look at, and are interested in, what you are offering. This will actually give you the edge because you are offering them a product or program that is related to what they are talking about in their blogs.

You can also find and visit related blogs; and then comment on their page by leaving simple but valuable information as your response to a discussion. Afterwards, point them to a related topic in your giveaway.

Make your promotion as part of your answer and part of the discussion as a whole. People who have been following the discussion will be curious as to how your product can help them in the long run.

As have previously been mentioned, all of these strategies will work if you only search for the ones that are appropriate to your offer. Always find social media sites and forums that have significant amounts of visitors so that it will work best. You cannot have many prospects if you choose forums and social medias that have too little visitors coming to their sites. Hope youíve learned how to build a list fast with these techniques.

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