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How To Recruit Super Affiliates And Earn Massive Money On Autopilot

Date Added: August 13, 2009 08:42:54 AM
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How To Recruit Super Affiliates And Earn Massive Money On Autopilot

Author: Jeremy Gislason

Having even just one genuine super affiliate promoting your product consistently can earn you a lot of money for the long term… on autopilot! Therefore, it is a worthy endeavor to invest your time or money on finding and recruiting super affiliates.

Below are the ways you can search for these superstars.

Internet Marketing Conference

Attending Internet marketing conferences and gatherings, especially the luxurious ones, would tend to entice the attention of affiliates. Here is a good chance that you will be able to make a good and lasting impression with people in the same field.

So what can you do?

You should create a brief and concise speech that could hook the attention of affiliates. You can use powerful phrases and statements so that your affiliates would be feeling intrigued about what you are really talking about.

You can always ask for some opinion on how to go about the whole matter. If you can, ask around for details regarding the potential affiliates who are attending the conference or gathering.

Primal People

Primal people are most influential to other individuals in the same field. People will look up to them, and they get utmost respect from colleagues.

You have to think about where to find the primal individuals who can influence other people the most. With the proper rapport and relationship building, they could dramatically boost your business.

Newsletter Publishers

There are a lot of huge publishers of newsletters that have several thousands (sometimes even millions) of subscribers. These are great candidates to become super affiliates since they have already built a solid relationship with their list. Their subscribers already trust them.

You can find these publishers by browsing through your chosen category in the free ezine or newsletter directories. Simply search for “newsletter directories” or “ezine directories” in the search engines.

PPC Advertisers

Look for the trend in the ads each month. If you find that one ad keep creeping every month, chances are those ads are earning money.

Keep in mind that those ads are being paid for by affiliates who have landing pages that are constructed well. You can check the registration information of the website by using whois and hunt down those affiliates paying for those ads. However, some info would be private.

Research on Competitors

You can research on what your competitors are doing or even do a “spying” on them, especially if they are really going off well.

By “spying” on them, you will be able to learn how they recruit super affiliates. You can do a comprehensive check on what keywords they are using and probably get an idea from there.

Multiple Affiliate Networks

Sign up for multiple affiliate networks so that many affiliates would see you. Some affiliates prefer to work with a program that they can easily see through the multiple affiliate networks.

Add your program in as many affiliate networks as you can, so that you could increase your visibility to prospective super affiliates.

Owners Of High PR Sites

In your particular niche, search for high PR (page rank) sites in the search engines, particularly in the major ones like Google and Yahoo. Then contact the owner and send them your proposal. This is a remarkable way for you to find super affiliates and recruit them to join your affiliate program.

Once you have located your prospective super affiliates, you can now proceed to recruiting them either by phone call, snail mail, or email. The best strategy is to send them a snail mail (perhaps containing a package with a gift), then call them afterwards and ask them if they have received it.

If you’re not comfortable with using the phone, you could ask them to chat with you via Yahoo Messenger or Skype. The last option would be communication via email, since there’s no live interaction; but some people still prefer using email because it’s most convenient for them.

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