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Marketing On The Fringe Review - Scam You Think?

Date Added: August 13, 2009 08:42:53 AM
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Marketing On The Fringe Review - Scam You Think?

Author: Leon

Is Marketing On The Fringe a scam? Let's find out....

I have gone through most of the video series in this program and in this review, I will share my honest opinions about this product.

First of all, Marketing On The Fringe is about building many automated traffic machines. I will elaborate on this later. But first, let me explain why this product was created.

Without any doubt, targeted traffic is the lifeblood of any web business. Let's face it.... it doesn't matter how great or cool looking your website or blog is.... if it doesn't have targeted traffic, it won't survive for long.

The sad fact is almost 95% of websites do not have enough traffic. And even those that have enough traffic are unable to maintain those traffic levels for the long term. You see traffic is like blood in a human body, there must be a constant flow of blood throughout your body. Without consistent traffic, your website is either on life support or itís already dead!

So how does Marketing On The Fringe help you get constant flow of targeted traffic?

Unlike the traditional methods of getting traffic such as writing articles, publishing Squidoo lenses, blogging, forum marketing, buying pay-per-click ads... Marketing On The Fringe allows you to create specialized websites in one day and will start sending you hordes of traffic day after day, month after month and year after year.

Traditional methods like writing articles and publishing Squidoo lenses are great but they require a lot of time and effort. Buying pay-per-click and media advertisements can also work great but the problem is... the traffic stops the moment you stop buying the ads. So it's very difficult to maintain a consistent flow of targeted traffic.

The thing I like best about "Marketing On The Fringe" system is that it doesn't only depend on Google for traffic source, your traffic will also be coming from a variety of Web 2.0 properties.

Is Marketing On The Fringe Traffic Machines Easy To Implement?

Once you get inside the member area, there are over 20 video tutorials. In fact, the number of videos are increasing as the author (Bill McRea) keeps on adding new videos if he discovered new methods or techniques.

The video tutorials are very easy to follow and understand even if you have never built a website before. It will show you step-by-step how to build your first traffic machine from scratch, then repeat the same process to create your second traffic machine and the third.... and so on. The author is not telling you what to do, he is SHOWING you HOW to do it! Just click where he clicks and do as he says and youíll have hordes of traffic coming your way.


Marketing On The Fringe is a "must-have" traffic generation system if you are creating niche websites. It will help you create and get consistent flow of targeted traffic to your niche sites for the long-term. It will open up an additional long-term and stable source of targeted traffic that you never knew existed before.

With this traffic system, you will be able to dominate any niche online. This product/system is worth investing if you're serious about developing a long-term and profitable web business.

Complementary Bonuses Worth Over $2000.

Try Marketing On The Fringe today and start creating your first traffic machine. To sweeten the pot, I will throw in a bonus package that's worth over $2000. This bonus package comprises of over 40 products covering a wide range of interent marketing products. I'm confident that these bonus products + the traffic system can help accelerate your success online.

CLICK HERE to check out the bonus package!

Hope you enjoy this review. Good Luck!

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If you need more information about this system, you can read another of my Marketing On The Fringe Review.


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