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Searching for a domain to host your website?

Date Added: August 07, 2009 04:50:47 PM
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Searching for a domain to host your website?

Author: Calvin Lee

Who is bothering to get a domain for their website by paying a ransom? Who wants to maintain old procedure of owning the domain for their websites? Besides, there is a new way to make the websites accessible through the internet. Web hosting service is a technique to make the websites available in the internet for lease or under an agreement of ownership for a certain period. It is provided as a general Internet access plan. There are many web hosting service providers who are ready to give you domains at very competitive prices. Make use of this facility and launch your website in an efficient prospect.

The current “use and throw” approach among the people on everything leads to the promotion of the web hosting network. There are many web hosting networks in the market today which help the individual or the organization by providing the domain name for their website, memory space for data, email services and bandwidth as a single package. Some companies offer free web hosting services with limited resources like memory spaces and bandwidth and they may support advertisement supported hosting. Shared web hosting is a technique where a website can be placed in the same server along with many other sites. This service enables shared usage of CPU, memory and other resources.

Ajax hosting is the practice which allows faster development and healthy applications. Some of the shared Ajax web hosting services is only enabled in windows platforms as they mainly require Windows servers. Almost all the Ajax web hosting companies provide money back guarantee. In competition with the Ajax hosting companies are the linux hosting service providers. Linux web hosting services are appropriate for websites which use linux hosting features like MySQL database, PHP programs and Perl programming. Linux web site hosting is powerful and reliable and also, it is open source software. Hence, cheap linux hosting services with better quality and reliability are available in the market. Another concept of Virtual dedicated servers or virtual Private servers use divided server resources into virtual servers. The resources are allocated in such a way that it does not directly reflect the underlying hardware. Dedicated hosting service provides the user the full control over the web server. The user is responsible for security and maintenance issues. Self managed service is a classification of dedicated service which is more accepted due to its less expensive schemes. Cluster hosting, as the name suggests, has several servers hosting the same content in order to utilize the resources in a better method.

Another new technique called cloud hosting permits reliable, scalable and powerful hosting and is clustered and balanced servers and follows utility billing system. So, if you have to avail for internet access for your website, then choose the web hosting service that best suits your budget and the website requirements. For a personal web page it is recommended to go for single page hosting services. For a website representing an organization, the complete package including database support, bandwidth, and email services and other resources is a wise option.

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