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Inbound Links - All Are Not Equal

Date Added: August 06, 2009 12:56:06 PM
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Inbound Links - All Are Not Equal

Author: jeyanth

Inbound links are the links that are found elsewhere and point towards our website. These Links are the most significant factor in establishing the popularity of our site. It is essential to understand which links are more valuable to concentrate our efforts on, or at least to devote more attention.

The operation of the valuation of each incoming link can be explained best by comparing the characteristics of a family voting system: suppose there is a family of 3 members, father (an architect), mother (housewife) and a child (sports). When voting on an issue, the vote of each family member has a value equivalent to the power of each individual in the family hierarchy, and also according to their area of expertise.

For example, if a decision were to be made about designing the interiors of the house, father would ultimately have the best opinion as per his experience. If a suggestion has to be given on arrangement of a dinner at house, the mother would best do it, and if the family wants to buy a vehicle, the best opinion would be of the child. This is because each family member is well versed in each particular area and can thus opine their best.

The same could be applied to the links. For instance, an 'e-marketing' site that point to 'SEO site' will contribute more to its popularity rather than a site that sells 'table lamps'. However more yet, taking the same case, if a link from a site that addresses the issue of SEO bearing a very good reputation is pointed towards the 'SEO site' it would bring even more popularity to it, more than any other incoming link. By counting these valuable incoming links to one web page from another, Google determines the value of a web page.

So it becomes imperative to achieve the greatest possible amount of incoming links, but also to ensure that these links come from websites with good visibility and address the similar theme related to ours. It is also important to consider the text (anchor text) of incoming links because these keywords enhance positioning of the site in search engines accordingly. Hence considering the Link building Services or to? buy high PR links is not at all a poor option.

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