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One Way Link Building Services - Automate SEO, More Web Site Traffic, Higher Search Engine Ranking

Date Added: August 06, 2009 12:56:06 PM
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One Way Link Building Services - Automate SEO, More Web Site Traffic, Higher Search Engine Ranking

Author: jeyanth

One Way Link Building

One Way Link Building is one of the most effective ways to enhance the value of your website as far as the search engines are concerned. The problem is it can take a long time to build one way links. You need to find sources that will provide you with a one way link. Unfortunately, many of the sources you do find will only be interested in reciprocal linking which is not as valued by the search engines as one way links. So how can you get many quality links to your website or pages that only go one way - your way?

Automated One Way Link building Services

Addressing the need for one way links and the difficulty in obtaining them, there are a number of online services that provide the solution. But not all are created equal and it depends on what type of site you are trying to promote as to the suitability and value of these solutions.

Some focus simply on getting backlinks to your website's home page regardless of the page that is being used to provide that link. So you could end up with a page about auto-insurance providing a backlink to a site about language learning. The obvious problem here is the two are not related. So it is a disincentive for natural traffic from the former site to click through to the backlinked site to a site that has nothing to do with their interest. Worse still, smart search engine algorithms are also looking for relevancy between one site linking to another and will score the link value accordingly.

Deep Linking

Another problem is the links may only be pointing to your web site's home page. While this was adequate in the past, the major search engines now want to see some links to actual pages that users found to have value. For example, if a guitar tutorial site has a page with instructions on how to play a popular song on the guitar, there will be people that would want to bookmark that specific page for later reference. Similarly with links search engines expect to see links to specific pages of value. This is known as deep linking. And not only does it carry weight with search engine optimization and value of your site, it also helps get those individual pages ranking in the search engine listings on their own merit. This means more traffic to your site's home page and more traffic to your site via deep linked pages. If you have a useful site with pages of useful content, you'll want to get a backlink solution that will build deep links to your site from other sites with relevant content.

Link Contextual Relevancy

Not only do you want one way links that are deep linked, but they should be deep linked with contextual relevancy. For example it would be relevant for a guitar tutorial web site to be linked from a musician's website discussing guitars and music.

You Should Not Neglect Building One Way Links Manually

Are you making a concerted effort to create quality one way links regularly? If you are then you're already doing the right thing and I recommend you keep doing so. What does and what doesn't work in SEO depends on what the search engine algorithms are programmed to do, and this is a constantly evolving area. So personal SEO effort should always be made to bolster and secure your site's SEO value. A good backlink service will attempt to build backlinks as if web site owners naturally created them. This is what you want to not only give you immediate SEO value, but hopefully to preserve it in the future as search engine algorithms are updated. Therefore backlink services should be looked at as an enhancement to SEO not a replacement for manual SEO. If you get the right service, it will help you get quality, contextually relevant one way links quicker. It will save you a lot of time and effort in the process. And it will help you seriously build your site's rankings and authority much more quickly.

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