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Stepping Up Your Game To Become The sulumits retsambew Winner

Date Added: August 06, 2009 12:53:56 PM
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Stepping Up Your Game To Become The sulumits retsambew Winner

Author: Amber Smith

Post today only a fortnight will be left for the sulumits retsambew winner to be announced. All those contestants that have stayed on till now will be stepping up their game to become the highest-ranking entry for the keywords in these last two weeks. Now is the time for sustained and consistent search engine optimization efforts on the part of the contestants.

Now is not the time to give up as it has been observed that many contestants have given up along the way. Even if you are not in the top 10 you should not lose hope because if you observe the statistics you will find that a number of new entries have actually managed to make it to the top 10 list in the past couple of days. Now what has helped these new entries in their way into the top 10 list despite there being a number of older entries in maintaining their spots on the first page? Irrespective of the particular search engine optimization techniques that these entries have employed the fact of the matter is that they have done so consistently which has paid off by helping them climb up the search engine rankings.

Without a doubt participants have paid the most attention to one particular search engine optimization technique known as link building. The focus on link building has been so much that a number of participants actually overlooked other strategies because of working on increasing the number of links pointing to their entry. Link building is effective without a doubt but it is not sufficient enough to rely on it alone to help you win the competition.

One of the key things that has to be kept in mind when looking to step up your game is incorporating relevant SEO techniques. One of these techniques is generating useful content. Just like the participants benefited by laying out the rules and regulations of the competition during the early phases now is the time to give updated information about the regular changes that are taking place in the competition. This will help to reach out to the readers.

In some form or the other you will find that top ranking entries have based their optimization campaign on link building and content generation. With this being the nature of the competition that kind of content you generate and the amount of effort you put in to building links will determine who wins the competition. Any innovative ideas at this stage can help an entrant to secure top spot on 15 August.

On observation you will find that even if the top ranking websites have some secret optimization weapon they are not disclosing that at the moment. As it is Google makes its changes on a weekly basis so you can easily figure out who has been putting effort during the week as you observed changes in search engine results pages. As the participants step up their game you can expect to see some very interesting changes in the next two weeks leading to the end of the competition.

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sulumits retsambew is an interesting keyword for the new SEO contest held by webmaster forum NetBuilders.org. Participants are trying to optimize their pages with their own tactics and effort. If you want to know more about the contest, regular updates and interesting posts about SEO, visit http://www.sulumitsretsambewno.com/


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