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What Does it Cost to Start an Online Marketing Business?

Date Added: August 04, 2009 02:56:07 AM
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What Does it Cost to Start an Online Marketing Business?

Author: Suzanne Manziek

<b>So when you ask the question</b> what it costs, this question needs to be answered in two sections; start up cost and lead generation or marketing cost. Let's address start up cost first.

<b>The startup cost</b> is made up of whatever the charge is to join an online business community by purchasing the system that company is using to market their product. The system itself should include the setup of a website, manuals about how to get started and online technical support. Probably the most important component here is the online support. The cost will vary from company to company but can be as low as $200.00 or as high as $2,000.00 or more. In most cases of course you get what you pay for.

<b>Online technical support needs to be very intense and unlimited.</b> The reason that this is so is because depending upon your internet and computer skills you may need someone helping you step by step. If you cannot get through the setup process you will never actually be in business online. You should have tutorials available to you for every step of the setup as well as plenty of marketing information and ways to obtain those skills through training from the company your system is with. Plus a live person to call if needed.

<b>The second part of the question is</b> the cost of marketing or lead generation. Any business worth its weight in gold should be offering you a multitude of free avenues to advertise your new business. The abundance of free stuff on the internet is amazing but you have to know where to find it and who to trust. If you spend money on advertising wait until your new business has generated cash flow to pay for it. The company or system that you buy into should have these contacts or you may be making the wrong choice. If in fact you are told that you will need to buy your leads I highly recommend that you steer clear. Many of these online companies actually make their money selling you worthless leads.

<b>In conclusion;</b> if you are considering purchasing into an online business do not just look at upfront cost but also evaluate your marketing cost as well. Ask many questions about the technical support you will receive in the marketing process because this is truly the heart beat of online business success. My experience tells me that if the upfront cost is minimal $300 or less you probably are not going to get any real technical support. Having to hire someone to help you will not be cost effective.

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