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Dildos vary in shape, size and texture

Date Added: November 13, 2009 08:30:29 PM
Author: Brian
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Dildos were first used in ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. They have been on the market since women understood that they had a desire for sexual gratification. The inventor of the dildo is unknown, but it became widely popular because of the ancient port city of Greece - Miletus. Miletan traders used to sell dildos to lonely ladies searching for sexual gratification. Dildos are fun, easy and safe to use. They vary in shape, size, colour and material. There are as many dildo toys as there are women and men who make use of them. You can opt for a soft pliable silicone dildo or a rigid plastic dildo. It hinges on your intentions: whether you are going to use it for vaginal or anal penetration, during sex with a lover or masturbation. Here you will find the most frequently sought dildo toys. TRADITIONAL DILDOS are a very popular kind of dildos. Most of them are shaped and colored to resemble a real penis. REALISTIC DILDOS are intended to look and feel like a real penis. Realistic dildos feel very real to the touch because of the material used in them that feels like human skin. They are usually made the material called Cyberskin. It is silky, soft, pliable and can even sustain heat if you warm it up. JELLY DILDOS are also pliable, but are not as silky and realistic as silicone dildos. Actually, jelly is a suitable material for people who wish about the realistic feel of a silicone dildo but are reluctant to pay for an expensive silicone toy. DOUBLE DILDOS contain a long shaft with two phallic heads on both ends. These sex toys can be shared with a sexual partner or deployed as a masturbation toy providing the option of double - vaginal and anal - penetration for females. STRAP-ON DILDOS are dido toys that are usually worn with a harness. They are usually used by those who are fond of BDSM. GLASS DILDOS are commonly made of Pyrex glass. It is an exceedingly strong, scratch-resistant material that can be heated up or cooled down in the fridge. Besides, smooth glass produces smooth penetration and an intense orgasm. So, glass dildos are more expensive than other kinds of dildo toys and are extremely beautiful and highly functional. Whatever material you select, the main thing is that your dildo should bring you sexual gratification. Make your own choice at dildo101.com.


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