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Pay Per Click Company How to Create Effective Ad to Better Your Business

Date Added: August 04, 2009 02:54:38 AM
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Pay Per Click Company How to Create Effective Ad to Better Your Business

By: Jonny Penn

Several years ago, anyone wanting to advertise on the Web would have little choice but to spend thousands on Web ads. During those times, ads still followed the traditional method of trying to broadcast to as many people as possible. It didn t take long for people to learn to ignore these kinds of ads. However, the invention of pay per click search engine advertising has breathed new life to businesses selling online.

Pay per click (PPC) ads or paid search listings are very good ways to promote your business online. A PPC program like Google AdWords, Overture, and Yahoo can generate leads with good potentials. It can also give your business high sales conversion ratio and solid brand awareness. An effective ad copy will drive highly qualified traffic to your website or landing page. This is essential to the success of your pay per click company advertising efforts. Below are some excellent tips to write an effective PPC ad copy.

Choose Keywords Best Fitting Your Business and Market

Your keywords are your tools to capture traffic from your target market or niche. Research your market well. Remember, you re paying for each keyword that you use. So these keywords must drive as much qualified customers to your website as possible. A pay per click company will usually provide the necessary tools to help their advertisers accomplish this.

Your Ad Copy Should Be Straight to the Point

You only have about 10 seconds to keep someone s attention on the Internet. Make the most of it by being concise about what you offer. Include your keywords in your ad headline. This makes you standout from the rest and will hold the attention of the prospective buyers. Earn their interest by writing a brief but specific product or service description (including the keyword). This is the perfect time to highlight your unique value proposition.

Don t Forget Your Call to Action

A PPC ad will not be very effective unless you invite your potential customers to give your website a visit. A call to action need not be long. In fact, it could be as short as call us or click here . A call to action is vital to the effectiveness of your ad copy.

Format Your Ad Effectively

Some pay per click companies may employ editorial guidelines on ad copies. Make sure to study these. Correct letter casing and good grammar are essential. Make easy to read ad copies. Also, you want to edit your display URL to carry your keywords.

Test, Measure, Optimize

Put your ad to the test. Real world results are the best way to tell you if your ads are giving you a good return on investment. You may see some ads or keywords getting you good sales conversions. Some might be driving lots of traffic but with little or no conversion at all. Remember, you are paying for each and everyone of this traffic. Study measurable results and tweak your campaign for best results.

A good pay per Click Company will prove valuable in giving your product or service instant visibility to your target customers. A well written PPC ad copy will help maximize the overall effectiveness of your campaign. Use the tips mentioned above to make the most out of your pay per click ads.

Author Resource:->  Jonny Penn has been an online entrepreneur since 1995. He is also a sports official for college baseball & basketball. Jonny loves the World Wide Web and continues to hone his skills as an internet marketer and article writer. http://www.googlesfree.info

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