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Russian Females Are Looking For Love Overseas

Date Added: November 03, 2009 08:47:46 PM
Author: Andrew
Category: Society: People
The increasing economic pressure and the desire to create a happy stable family have made Russian girls turn to the West for better prospects. Marriages to western males have become very trendy in Russia. The number of marriage agencies promoting cross-cultural marriages doubles each year. Most Russian cannot even dream of being housewives. The changeable economic situation has forced females to look for jobs in order to provide for their families. Rare are cases when Russian husbands are able to earn enough, so that their wives may stay at home. Russian ladies find it very difficult to pursue a career and are paid far less than their male counterparts. Even a successful career does not guarantee an appropriate standard of living. Educated Russian females find it easier to adapt to a western culture. They are certain that marriage to a foreign male will enable them to find a better life for themselves. The ability to combine a career with household obligations makes them ideal wives for western males. Social and economic pressures have turned a high percentage of Russian males to alcohol abusers. More than that, Russian men usually spend time with friends, chase after other ladies, drink and do not help about the house. There is also a demographic disproportion between males nad females. Females outnumber males by around 12 percent in the age group of 30 and above. Thus, Russian females have fewer chances of finding a suitable life partner in their own country. Females who lack confidence, put up with the unacceptable behaviour of their husbands, others petition for divorce. Many Russian women suppose that foreign men make better husbands, as they are more decisive, family-oriented than Russian men, as well as will pitch in with the domestic chores. Thus, desperate Russian girls leave the fatherland in search of stable, secure life overseas. In their quest for a stable and economically secure life, Russian females are even ready to marry mature foreign males. As for western males, the speedily increasing divorce rate and a significant decline in family values have forced many overseas males to turn to Russian brides for emotional comfort.


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