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10 Power Tools to Build and Grow Your Profitable Business

Date Added: August 01, 2009 03:29:02 AM
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10 Power Tools to Build and Grow Your Profitable Business

Author: Paige Stapleton

Whether you already have your business up and running or you are thinking of taking the plunge to put your dream into reality, we all know there are certain things that need to be in place. When it comes to getting the word out and connecting with those who need and want your services, your marketing tools and skills need to be finely honed and polished. But it doesn't have to be difficult and frustrating! Remember, this is YOUR gift and YOUR business and you can do it YOUR way.

Here are 10 of the most powerful tools we have found to get your message out there in a big way so that you can reach the people who need you and your gifts!

1. Your Mindset - This is where it all starts! Your mindset and beliefs about your business, your gifts and your value determine the experiences you will manifest, not only in your business, but also in your life. When you begin to see that "marketing" is simply sharing your gifts with more people, and that "selling your services" is actually an exchange of Divine Energy, you move from a place of limitation into the prosperous place of truly giving to yourself and others.

2. Your Marketing Calendar/Plan - A marketing calendar helps you set up your roadmap to success. It can help to keep you focused, organized and on track as you move toward your 6-month, 12-month and 10-year goals. You can also use it to help you project your budget, time and resource needs going forward.

3. Your Niche - It is essential that you know who your ideal client is, who you want to work with the most and how you are going to reach them. The sad truth is, if you try to help everyone, you will end up helping no one. The more you can drill down to the specific problem that you help solve and the specific people who have that problem, the more effective your marketing will be - which means the more people you are helping, the more satisfying your work and more income flowing your way.

4. Your Story - In general, we are here to help the people "behind us". This means the person you were a month ago, a year ago, a decade ago - whoever you were before you had your transformation and began the path to what you are doing now. Connecting with your own "true story" of what you have overcome helps you not only get clear about Your Niche (Tool #3), but it also makes you irresistibly relatable to your ideal client.

5. Your Online/Web Presence - It is the age of the Internet. There really is no way of getting around that. And having a "client attractive" website and a consistent way to reach them helps potential clients self-select themselves to become your client. Your website can also make money for you while you're out living your life when you offer products that can be sold without you doing a thing!

6. Your Products - That's right, we're talking about passive income. You can sell physical products that complement your services or you can package that amazing information that is swirling around in your head that you use everyday. These are called "information products" and they are easily created and easily marketed on your website.

7. Your Newsletter - The electronic version of this is often referred to as an Ezine. This is a wonderful way to stay in touch with your clients and let them know what is going on with you and what programs and products you are currently offering. It's also a great way to build relationships and offer continued support and value to all your clients - past, present and potential.

8. Your Team - Support! Support! Support! You can't do it alone and if you are, you probably won't be doing it for long and certainly not particularly peacefully or joyfully. And you need support from "above and below". On one end you need people to carry out tasks that you don't necessarily need to do personally, but that suck up your time and also things that you don't like to do, but that others excel in and actually get joy out of. You also need support from someone who can guide you - a coach or mentor who can look at your business and your progress with an honest and objective eye and help you to steer away from costly mistakes and head you in a direction that may not only challenge you, but also bring you the true success you desire.

9. Your Rates and Packages - It's very easy (and common) to underestimate the value of your services. Believe it or not, your rates reflect the value that YOU perceive your products and services to have, not necessarily what "the market will bear". This naturally ties in with your Mindset (Tool #1) and can heavily influence your success when you move into the selling aspect of your services. At the same time, people love a good deal. The beauty of creating packages (combining services together and offering them at a slightly lower price) is that you get to sell more of your services and products (i.e. more helping) and your clients get to have that warm fuzzy feeling of getting a great deal.

10. Speaking in Your Potential Client's Language - Too often, when we have had our own transformation through an experience, process or modality, we begin speaking using the terms related to having that experience. Remember that your potential client is on the other side of that transformation and may not be able to relate to phrases and terminology that you would normally use. It is important to use language in your written materials, your website and even in your conversations that your potential clients can understand, so that they can relate to you and identify themselves or someone that they know as someone who needs your services.

We invite you to take a look at your business and see where you are as far as these 10 power tools. Are they all in place? Are you clear about each one and using them all effectively.

We would like to invite you to visit www.AuthenticMarketingMadeEasy.com for free tips, tools, articles and to download your F.R.E.E. Special Report: "The 3 Keys to Increasing your Profits While Staying Aligned with Your Passion and Purpose". For our daily meditation, please visit www.KnowTruthLiveTruth.com, home of Today's Truth.

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Putting into action the very system and principles they teach, Paige Stapleton and Brian Stark left careers that were leaving them feeling small and unfulfilled and followed their bliss! Now, as founders of Authentic Marketing Made Easy™, and The Authentic Marketing System™, they have created a life they love helping healers, practitioners, coaches and other small business owners learn the simple and holistic way to market and grow their service-based businesses, so they can attract more clients and make more money, while staying in integrity with their passion and purpose.


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