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What is affiliate marketing?

Date Added: August 01, 2009 03:29:01 AM
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What is affiliate marketing?

Author: Justin

Affiliate marketing , profit, sharing, revenue sharing, all synonymous for making you money! The goal of an affiliate marketer is to act as a "middle-man" between companies and consumers for a commission percentage. Companies are willing to share the revenue generated because you're helping to drive business to their company.

Most companies have an affiliate or referral program for you to use, simply because what business doesn't want more business? If a company sells a product or service, most likely they have an affiliate marketing program designed to make them more money and cut you in. As far as websites, look for an affiliate, referral, or "work with us" link, usually found towards the bottom of the web page.

The best and most exciting aspect of affiliate marketing is that any hard working, persistent person can get in on the action, for free! If you can bring customers to a business they will gladly pay you!

Affiliate marketing helps companies grow and spread their wings to achieve a common goal, get paid. Ever heard of Amazon.com? You most likely have. Amazon.com, being one of, if not the biggest online retailer of books, movies, music, and electronics, is a big player in the world of affiliate marketing. Anyone with access to a computer and an internet connection can setup an Amazon store! This venture is a great example of affiliate marketing. You register for an associates account (for free) and create a page (store) with products that you feel you can promote and get people to buy. When a purchase is made, you get a commission! >> Click here for an example store <<

Overall, affiliate marketing is an easy way to make some extra money without actually having tangible items in your possession, and the profits are only limited by you and your determination to succeed!

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