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What is Repair & Refurbishment Service?

Date Added: July 31, 2009 09:38:55 AM
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What is Repair & Refurbishment Service?

Author: Ritu Sharma

RNR (repair & refurbishment), though these two terms sound synonymous to each other but are worlds apart. While the one includes repairing of a damaged product the other is about replacing the damaged part by a seemingly new one. In totality RNR are two important activities that constitute a process of providing a working condition component.

Understanding the importance of time and utilizing the available resources to its maximum is what dominates the RNR services of many a big organizations. The purpose of providing this specialized service is eliminating time consumption and wastage of resources.

? Providing world class services to corporates in RNR is all about post sales services. This process involves a good back up of a technical team consisting of qualified skilled technicians who ensure correct handling of electronic components and resolving hardware query. While the refurbishment centers look after replacement of damaged parts.


  • A refurbishment center includes the necessary tools and equipments that help in keeping the products in good condition for the purpose of immediate utility.

  • The environment should be the best in industry that is no less than any factory. Here all the components are maintained in good shape while the buffer is kept aside in case any need arises.

  • The buffer includes, all types of cosmetic parts to remove discolorations like aging due to sunlight. This goes a long way in reducing the cost and avoiding wastage of using new plastic. Yet another advantage to look for in a refurbishment center is the availability of latest ultrasonic cleaning facility which ensures the cleaning of all types of cosmetic and plastic parts. This ensures the cleaning of all such parts where physical cleaning is not possible.


The process involved in RNR is designed to provide maximum client satisfaction while serving with full potential into providing the best solutions related to hardware issues. Understanding the customer needs and the changing industry trends, keeping up with the variations and being up to date is essential.


The equipments should be in tune with the latest requirements. Emphasis should be upon the full utilization of resources enabling in saving time as well as money. This is what forms the core of any organization involved in the field of RNR. Each action that is governed in the direction should aim at providing benefit to the customer.

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Management of equipments for purposeful utilization is yet another important aspect of RNR activity. In this process the proper maintenance and upkeep of the goods is essential.

  • Fully equipped warehouses ensure that the goods are kept in a good shape so that whenever the need arises, it can be utilized to full potential.

  • A reliable and hard working team of technicians are always ready to give the needed support.

  • Keeping a check upon continuous supply of goods and whenever required generating the requisite is yet another step involved in buffer management system. Thus a continuous and smooth flow of the process is carried out eliminating the lack of services.


All these advantages and benefits are present in well known organizations when it comes to repair and refurbishment. Keeping all these in mind would indeed help you make a right choice.

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